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These are some of the people we know who are doing great things to create positive outcomes through healthy forward thinking and collaboration.

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Birkman International


Women's Quest

OD Network

Bergerac "Power Talk"

Corporation for Positive Change

Daily Motivational Messages

Empowerment and Resilience Guru

Scottsdale National Gender Institute

TPI Favorite Books

These are some of the authors who influence us through their books about creating positive outcomes.

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The Answer to How Is Yes: Acting on What Matters

The Answer to How Is Yes: Acting on What Matters

Author: Peter Block

People keep asking "How?" as a defense against living their life, says best-selling author Peter Block. In this witty, insightful award-winning book, Block shows that many standard solutions and improvement efforts, reinforced by most of the literature, keep people paralyzed. Here he places the "how to" craze in perspective and teaches individuals, workers, and managers ways to act on what they know. This in turn allows them to reclaim their freedom and capacity to create the kind of world they want to live in. Block’s "elements of choice" — the characteristic of a new workplace and a new world based on more positive values — include self-mentoring, investing in relationships, accepting the unpredictability of life, and realizing that the individual prospers only when the community does.

The Power of Appreciative Inquiry

The Power of Appreciative Inquiry

Author: Diana Whitney & Amanda Trosten-Bloom

The Power of Appreciative Inquiry describes a wildly popular approach to organizational change that dramatically improves performance by encouraging people to study, discuss, learn from, and build on what's working, rather than simply trying to fix what's not. Whitney and Trosten-Bloom use examples from many different types of organizations to illustrate Appreciative Inquiry (AI) in action. A how-to book but not a manual, The Power of Appreciative Inquiry describes the newest ideas and practices in the field of Appreciative Inquiry since its inception in 1985. In updating the second edition, the authors conducted an appreciative inquiry with first edition readers, focusing especially on users in markets and universities. At the urging of these readers, the authors have included a new chapter on the community applications of Appreciative Inquiry, as well as a host of new examples and other enhancements.


Don't Bring It to Work

Author: Sylva Lafair

How can you get to the bottom of workplace behaviors that simply don't work for you or your organization? Don't Bring It to Work explores what happens when patterns originally created to cope with family conflicts are unleashed in the workplace. This groundbreaking book draws on the success of Sylvia Lafair's PatternAware program Total Leadership Connections. Throughout the book she shows how to break the cycle of pattern repetition and offers the tools that can turn unhealthy family baggage into creative energy that will foster better workplace associations and career success.



Author: Dr. Izzy Justice

A collage of researched data, case studies, and interviews from more than forty organizations and leaders from all over the world, EPowerment explores why the present generations are more capable of reaching their potential than any other in history. It introduces the new business term EPowerment, an amalgam of empowerment, high emotional intelligence (EQ), and harnessing the power of the E-World. It underscores how collective human knowledge is becoming easier to access and details how it will become freely available. Empowerment should be the top priority of all organizations because managers can access new people, new communities of people, and infinite resources of knowledge to make better decisions-the centerpiece of high performance-in truly unprecedented ways.

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

Author: Daniel H. Pink

According to Pink (A Whole New Mind), everything we think we know about what motivates us is wrong. He pits the latest scientific discoveries about the mind against the outmoded wisdom that claims people can only be motivated by the hope of gain and the fear of loss. Pink cites a number of studies revealing that carrot and stick can actually significantly reduce the ability of workers to produce creative solutions to problems. What motivates us once our basic survival needs are met is the ability to grow and develop, to realize our fullest potential. Case studies of Google's 20 percent time (in which employees work on projects of their choosing one full day each week) and Best Buy's Results Only Work Environment (in which employees can work whenever and however they choose—as long as they meet specific goals) demonstrate growing endorsement for this approach. Drawing on research in psychology, economics and sociology, Pink's analysis—and new model—of motivation offers tremendous insight into our deepest nature.

True Colors: Get to Know Yourself and Others Better With the Highly Acclaimed Birkman Method

True Colors: Get to Know Yourself and Others Better With the Highly Acclaimed Birkman Method

Author: Roger Birkman, Ph.D.

Written by Dr. Roger Birkman, PhD. in 1997, this clear and concise read is filled with enlightening stories and hypothetical scenarios. The book clarifies your personality's role in shaping every aspect of your life - from work to love to spirituality. Finding your color is just the first step: True Colors gives you all the knowledge and inspiration you need to maximize your strength and achieve a truly rewarding lifestyle.

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