Teachable Points of View

 The term “Teachable Point of View”, introduced by Noel Tichy (business consultant, educator, and author), has taken on a large following and organizational leaders around the world are writing their teachable points of view and going over them with their teams.


So What IS A Teachable Point of View?

Teachable Points Of View are stories that leaders use to define themselves and their values, and to communicate with and teach others.


Who we are as leaders comes from the ups and downs of our life experience, not the books we have read or the courses we have taken. These experiences shape our points of view on topics that are vital to individual success and the success of the organization. Frequently centered on deeply held beliefs, TPOV’s often relate to:


* how to grow a business

* how to achieve one’s potential

* how values and ethics are essential for success

* how teaching, coaching, or mentoring brings out the best in others

* how to use courage and resolve to achieve goals and work with


* how humility plays a role in success and effectiveness


Creating Your Own Teachable Point of View

Creating a teachable point of view is not an easy process.  First it requires doing the mental work of figuring out what our point of view is, and then the creative work of putting it into a form that makes it accessible and interesting to others. In The Cycle of Leadership, Tichy wrote, “The very act of creating a Teachable Point of View makes people better leaders. … [L]eaders come to understand their underlying assumptions about themselves, their organization, and business in general.”


Creating your own teachable point of view involves reflection – going back as far as you want to birth or early childhood – and identifying the experiences that have shaped you. Then, finding the story you can use to lead or teach others.



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