How Strong is Your Organization’s “On Boarding” Program?

 Thirteen “differences that make a difference” in determining whether or not your on-boarding program will prepare your new hires to succeed at their jobs and become engaged, committed, highly productive employees:


1. Do You Make Your New Hires Feel Welcome?


2. Do You Inspire Pride?


3. Do You Help New Hires See the Big Picture?


4. Do You Show How Employees Matter?


5. Do You Collect and Share Stories?


6. Do You Make Your Orientation Program Interesting and Interactive?


7. Are You Designing It From the New Employee’s Perspective?


8. Are You Holding Your Orientation Program When It’s Most Understandable and Beneficial?


9. Have You Broken Your Orientation Program Down Into Digestible, Bite Sized Chunks?


10. Are You Offloading As Much Information As Possible To Your Intranet?


11. Do You Have a “Mentoring Program?


12. Are You Making It Easy For New Employees to Tell You How They’re Doing?


13. Do You Help Your Supervisors and Managers Do Their Part Well?




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