Building Career Momentum



Most of us dream of having a career that brings us enjoyment, fulfillment, recognition, and financial reward.  Whatever your dream is, you can start building momentum right now by actively committing to becoming aware of, and removing, any obstacles to your career success.  There are three key areas to consider when scanning for potential obstacles.


Obstacles to Career Success

Career limiting thoughts – Thinking that something is “never going to happen” is one sure way to make certain that it won’t happen.  If you believe that a position is unattainable, then you may be programming yourself to limit your career progression.  There is a saying that demonstrates this thinking – “You have to believe in order to achieve.”


Career limiting interpersonal behavior – This includes everything from habitually yawning or stretching at team meetings, to sharing confidential information with parties outside the “need to know” loop, or even talking about people behind their backs.  These behaviors can definitely limit your potential career progression.


Neglecting work relationships – Whether we think of them as internal customers, coworkers, peers for colleagues, career coaches advise never taking work relationships for granted.  Sometimes we develop deep relationships with coworkers.  Many other work relationships may never achieve this depth.  Regardless, it is well to remember that people form their impressions of us based upon our interaction with them. Not how well we get along with our closest associates.



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