Tips for Building Resilience

  • Look for the opportunity in change – the good ideas for how you can make the most of the change will follow.
  • When looking for a solution to a problem, ask for help from people to come up with ideas that are new and haven’t been tried yet.
  • Consider ideas that would improve yourself at work that maybe you were not open to before.
  • Move ahead with learning more about an area of the company that will improve your ability to do your job.
  • Ask someone to help you learn a new skill.
  • Show an interest in learning more about the change and how you can contribute.
  • In change situations, decide what is in your control and do what you know will help you and others.
  • Think uplifting thoughts that build your confidence in yourself to make the change.
  • Give change a chance to work and help make it happen.
  • Surprise your manager with an idea you have for improving the business.
  • Once a month, go to your manager and ask, “What is something I can do to help you out?”
  • When making decisions, trust yourself to make the right one without looking to others first for their opinion.
  • Let people know you are open to doing things a different way.
  • Show people your flexibility by saying “yes” to change.
  • Model resilience and agility in the face of change, and encourage others to do the same.
  • Everyday, decide on one risk you can take.
  • Ask others for feedback once a week.
  • Have one “courageous conversation” a week on something you feel needs to be talked about.
  • Ask yourself and others, “How can we reach our objective?”
  • Talk to others about the results you want to achieve in the change.
  • Keep taking small actions that will move you closer towards the results you want.



Adapted from Right Management, Inc.

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