Five Success Factors for High Performance Teams

In today’s business environment, teams are often under pressure to produce more than just acceptable results.  A team that excels in certain positive practices can make the leap from acceptable performance to high performance.  These positive practices are grouped into five success factors.

Results     ~      Commitment       ~      Process      ~      Communication    ~   Trust


Success Factor(s)

Positive Practice(s)


  • Clear, important, accepted statement of purpose
  • Understood and accepted short- and long-term team goals
  • Regular reviews and discussion of team results



  • Understood and accepted ground rules for working together
  • Regular, open discussion of individual team members’ contributions
  • Shared belief in benefits of being on the team



  • Clear roles and responsibilities
  • Methods to evaluate effectiveness of processes
  • Agreed upon actions and deadlines



  • Direct, open, clear
  • Equal opportunity to participate and offer opinions
  • Accepted ground rules for resolving conflict



  • Mistakes are viewed as learning opportunities
  • Commitments and promises kept
  • Willingness to share thoughts, feelings, and rationale


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